It's rare to have 'Chris Brown' and 'Victim' in the same sentence in any context where Rihanna isn't also a part of it. However, this time around Chris Brown really is something of a victim after he was 'swatted' in a hoax phone call to emergency services reported a domestic violence incident.

As the LA Times reports, the called called just before 5pm on Monday (21st Jan) and said that they were unsure whether or not Brown's mother had been shot in the alleged incident. When police arrived none of the family were home, and happily Brown's parents arrived some time after the police had. 

Brown is the latest in a string of 'swatting' incidents, most recently including the Kardashians and Tom Cruise. 15 members of a SWAT team turned up to the Kardashian home after a hoax caller said that an intruder was inside the home with a gun and hiding in a closet. They closed off the entire street only to discover that the whole family were fine and there was no intruder. Other victims also include Justin Bieber and Ashton Kutcher. In regard to the pranks made on Kutcher and Bieber and intelligent but reckless 12 year old was arrested.