Chris Brown will have to get used to spending time behind bars.

The R&B singer admitted, on Friday (May 9th), violating his probation last year in an incident that occured outside a Washington D.C. hotel.

Brown allegedly attacked a man after shouting gay slurs and jumping into a photograph with the singer.

A judge at the Los Angles court sentence him to remain on probation and spend a further 131 days in jail, after admitting that he committed the assault.

Initially, Superior Court Judge James R. Brandlin, who was the judge in Brown's Rihanna assault case from 2009, sentenced the 25 year-old to a year in county jail, but due to already spending 116 days in rehab and another 59 days behind bars, this only leaves 131 days to go.

The 'Kiss Kiss' singer has been incarcerated since March after being kicked out of a court-ordered rehabilitation facility by order of the judge, he cited Brown's "inability to stay out of trouble" as the reason for the sentencing.

According to TMZ, Chris will now have to attend therapy sessions twice a week and submit to random drug testing three times a week.

The gossip site also notes, the judge would have been willing to hand Brown a much longer sentence but this didn't happen because during his time at the treatment facility, doctor's closely examined the troubled star and diagnosed him with bipolar disorder, severe insomnia and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

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Thus offering an explanation to his erratic and violent behaviour.

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Brown's legal woes haven't ended yet, although he admitted to violating his parole by punching the man outside the W Hotel on K Street in D.C. last October (2013), he still has to face an assault trial for the incident, which will take place in the coming months.

Chris Brown
Brown will face an extra 131 days behind bars