The Kiss Kiss hitmaker performed in the capital Manila on Tuesday (21Jul15) but he was stopped from moving onto his Indonesia tour stop by Philippine Department of Justice officials, who were investigating a fraud complaint filed against him.

According to the legal document, Brown cancelled a New Year's Eve (31Dec14) show in the city and never returned his $1 million ($6.3 million) advance.

Brown obtained a certificate clearing him for departure from the Immigration Bureau three days later on Friday (24Jul15) after officials verified he had "no other derogatory record" apart from the complaint, according to the organisation's spokeswoman Elaine Tan.

To celebrate his departure, Brown uploaded a video of himself and his entourage walking towards his private jet in an airport hangar as he says, "Manila it was fun. I love y'all man. We finna (are going to) come to MACau. Party tonight. Turn up! We outta here (sic)."

Brown is set to perform at the City of Dreams casino in MACau, China on Friday night (24Jul15).

Justice Secretary Leila de Lima declared on Friday that a preliminary investigation has begun into the fraud complaint, and Brown may be summoned back to the country as part of the case.