Chris Brown ''killed it completely'' when he recorded vocals for Afrojack's new song.

The controversial singer recorded a part for the DJ's 'As Your Friend' after they were introduced by mutual friend Polow Da Don.

Afrojack explained: ''Chris jumped on it immediately. I got vocals. I was like 'wow' and he killed it completely. Like he did a part that we already wrote and he did a completely new part. It fits perfectly. It's like streamline - it's like a fast car.''

Afrojack also told how he hopes the ''ass kicking'' track will ''cause and earthquake'' on the radio.

He told MTV: ''It's a dance music song, but like a little more progressive, but still ass-kicking. I don't know if I can say ass but it is kicking, it kicks.

''You're gonna hear it and it's just a big drop. And I want to bring more drops to the radio. I want to give it more buildups and drops and stuff and overthrow the radio a little bit - earthquake the radio.''