Chris Brown may once again be facing jail time after he was thrown out of his court-ordered Malibu rehabilitation centre.

Brown is still suffering the repercussions from his assault on his then girlfriend Rihanna in 2009. The 24-year-old has failed to complete to his five year probation sentence and has, on numerous occasions, neglected to serve his mandatory 1400 hours community service. He has also been involved in at least one violent assault when Brown allegedly attacked a man outside the White House.

A spokesperson for the Los Angeles County Sheriff's department, speaking to CNN, confirmed Brown was in custody after he was asked to leave the rehab facility. As of Friday (14th March) Brown was being held without bail at Los Angeles County men's central jail. 

Brown has attended the facility for the last four months after a court ruled he should enter the rehabilitation centre to deal with his anger management issues. It is unknown why he was asked to leave the facility and unclear as to why he was immediately taken into police custody. The Sheriff's department reports he was "cooperative when taken into custody."

Brown has evidently been receiving psychiatric care as he was diagnosed at the beginning of March with bipolar and post-traumatic stress disorder, which the rehab facility have claimed is responsible for his angry and aggressive behaviour.

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This is not the first time Brown has left a rehabilitation facility as last October he damaged his mother's car by throwing a rock through one of the windows. Following further violent outbursts the presiding judge ruled he should complete 90 days in an anger management and drug rehabilitation facility, instead of serving jail time. The judge ordered, following Brown's completion of the program in February, he should continue at the facility for another thirty days. 

Despite having mere weeks left of his sentence, Brown's luck with the authorities may have finally run out. Brown is unlikely to be out of the courts - or even prison - any time soon. A hearing is scheduled for April 23rd with the L.A. judge but Brown may remain in jail until then as bail has been denied. If Brown is convicted of the Washington assault, the L.A. judge may rule the artist has to complete his probation time and community service in jail.

Chris Brown
Chris Brown performing in New York in August 2013.

Chris Brown
Chris Brown in court in 2009 following his assault on Rihanna.