Singer Chris Brown looks as though he might walk away with more than just a bump on his car after crashing his Range Rover into another vehicle last week, as TMZ have reported that not only did Brown fail to hand over his license number to the woman he crashed into, but he also gave her false insurance information and got all up in her grill when she asked for his details.

When Chris rammed his vehicle last Monday (May 21), it looked as though it was over before anything could begin, with Chris appearing to follow protocol and do the right thing after rear-ending someones Mercedes. But it appears as though Chris is still struggling with the whole right and wrong concept after TMZ revealed this Monday (May 27) that not only did Chris fail to give over his information, but also got riled up and started verbally attacking the woman he just ran into. Seriously, what is this guy's problem with women?

This could result in a lengthy stay in prison if it turns out to be true, as Chris is still under probation following his beating of Rihanna. LAPD are now trying to have a one-on-one with the R&B singer about the incident, and if the claims are true then this would mean that Chris broke rule number one on his probation order; don't break any laws, which should send him swiftl to jail.

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Brown is apparently wanted by police to discuss his run-in with a female driver last week

There has been no word from Brown himself, or his crew, but it is thought that his legal team are currently working their way around the situation to see if Brown can evade prison. That's if the reports are right of course.

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The singer might walk away from this scot-free