Our Chris Brown, he never stays out of trouble does he? We all know about his previous indiscretions, for which he now endures a probationary period. Now the LAPD is investigating the singer for an alleged hit and run incident, and it could mean violation that could land him in prison.

Hit and run sounds very dramatic, though. It makes it sound like someone was injured. As far as we know, they weren’t, but it’s still a breach of the law, and for that, Brown could be in serious trouble. He’s still under the watchful eye of the state after his beating of Rihanna. He threatened his status as a free citizen a few months back when he was caught with Marijuana, and failed to turn up for a probation meeting, but he was lucky, and got away with it. Brown allegedly refused to give the driver, who he crashed into, his rear-ended his driver's license number. Apparently he gave the woman incorrect insurance information, too, which seems like a ridiculously dumb move considering his current predicaments.

So what does this all mean? Well, regardless of the crime (within reason), Brown could be sentenced to prison for something like 4 years. Not murder, he can’t go round murdering people and get 4 years, but an offence like this one – his ‘hit and run’ case – could land him doing jail time.

Chris brownBrown has got some interesting questions to answer from the police


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