Chris Brown's assault trial will begin on Monday (21st April) a judge ruled on Friday (18th April). Brown has been accused of, alongside his bodyguard, assaulting a man in Washington D.C. last October.

Brown made a brief court appearance on Friday where a judge ruled, with onlookers including Brown's mother and rapper Bow Wow, Brown's trial will begin next week. Brown is not only facing penalties resulting from an assault, should he be found guilty, but may face jail time as a result of his previous convictions and issues with the law. At the time of the alleged assault in Washington, Brown was on probation thus he may be jailed as a result of breaking this. Brown's probably was the result of his conviction for assaulting his assault then-girlfriend Rhianna in 2009. Brown still has a number of hours of community service left over from this conviction, something which has also caused him legal troubles over the last year.

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Although Brown has been in and out of custody for over a year, he has been undergoing court ordered treatment at various rehab facilities in order to deal with his anger management issues. However, despite his rehab stays, Brown appears to have continued to demonstrate violent tendencies. He was asked to leave a rehab centre in November last year and a judge also ruled he had violated the terms of probation, not to mention the odd street fight with the likes of Frank Ocean. 

The Washington alleged assault for which Brown is currently standing trial, took place on October 27th 2013. There is contention as to why Brown allegedly assaulted the man currently pressing charges. 20-year-old Parker Adams either, as Brown and his bodyguard tell the tale, attempted to board Brown's tour bus or, as Adams recounts, Brown turned on him after he deliberately interrupted a picture Brown was taking with his fans. It's likely the defence will attempt to paint Brown and Hollosy as protecting themselves from an intruder on to the tour bus whereas, if Adams' testimony is to be believed, this may have simply been another of example of Brown's seemingly violent behaviour. 

Brown's bodyguard, Christopher Hollosy, has also been charged with assault but the ruling from his trial has been delayed. The Hollosy ruling is expected on Monday, according to Fox News, shortly before Brown's trial begins. 

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Chris Brown
Chris Brown could face jail time if he is found guilty of assault.

Chris Brown
Brown has still failed to complete his community service from his conviction in 2009.