Chris Brown was arrested for felony assault in Washington D.C. on Sunday, 27 October, morning. The R&B singer, ever-popular with police, was cuffed outside the W Hotel on K Street, where he allegedly threw an unprovoked punch at random guy, hurling homophobia slurs at him whilst engaging in the potentially unwarranted attack.

Chris Brown
The singer denies any wrong doing

According to TMZ, who first reported the attack and heard statements form both the victim, law enforcement and Brown's PR team, Brown got into an argument with the guy at around 4.30 am outside his hotel, with the victim never once provoking Brown with violence or even retaliating after the punch was thrown. According to the guy who was hit, Brown was posing for a photo with two women, and he and his friend decided to photobomb the picture, prompting Chris to react violently. He never did seem like the kind of guy who has a sense of humour.

The victim goes on to state that, after the photobombing incident, Chris went absolutely berserk and punched him in the face, breaking his nose. The victim has since said that he may need to get surgery to correct his nose following the attack. Both cops and the victim went on to say that, prior to throwing the punch, Chris yelled "I'm not into this gay s**t, I'm into boxing," at which point the scuffle began.

Unsurprisingly, Brown's own people have defending the trouble-seeking singer, saying the victim and his friend were both trying to force their way on to his tour bus. The same sources say that the two women that the victim and his friend supposedly photobombed were also trying to get on to the bus, and Chris never took any photos with them. They deny any of the claims alleging that Chris attacked the man, but, given Chris' history, this is pretty hard to believe.

Chris Brown live
At this point, we'd be surprised if anyone had any sympathy for Chris

The apparent victim went on to tell TMZ that he doesn't understand what drove Chris to shout the homophobic slurs in the first place, never mind the punch, and says that he would have accepted an apology and been on his way had it not been for the toxic language. Because of the way he overreacted to the situation and started bashing homosexuals for no reason, the victims says he will definitely be taking Brown to court now.

Chris was arrested along with his bodyguard and taken to a local holding cell. Under D.C. law, Brown cannot be bailed out until he faces a judge at magistrates court, which he will do some time on Monday, 28 October. Until then, Chris and his bodyguard will spend their time behind bars.

Still under probation from the time he beat his then-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009, the case could violate the terms of his probation, after coming close to landing some serious jail time with his many previous run-ins with the law between then and now, including a hit and run and an attack (also supposedly motivated by homophobia) on Frank Ocean and his crew. Should he be convicted for his latest attack, Brown could potentially face up to four years behind bars. More word on this story as it develops.

Chris Brown tall
He could finally face jail time if convicted