Chris Brown and Soulja Boy have some kind of major beef going on and it all seems to centre on some Instagram photo of Brown's ex Karrueche Tran. The 'Crank That' rapper claimed that Brown threatened him over the phone after he liked one of the budding actress and model's picture. 

Chris BrownChris Brown has beef with Soulja Boy

However, Chris Brown seems to be denying that any of that happened and Karrueche herself has even weighed in on the situation and tried to diffuse it. It's difficult at the moment to tell who started the whole thing.

'Chris Brown just called me and said he wanna fight me because I liked Karrueche picture on Instagram', Soulja Boy wrote on Twitter on Monday (January 2nd 2017). 'This n***a a b***h.' In response, Brown unveiled a frantic video on Instagram where he slammed Soulja Boy for 'humping' his male friends. He then posted a screenshot of his comment on the situation which read: 'This is the funniest s**t ever, seriously now... This n***a has an imaginary beef then act liked I called him!! Never happened!'

Some hours later he posted a video imploring that Soulja stop calling and FaceTimeing him, and shared the video message that Soulja sent him (along with his phone number) as proof that he was trying to contact him. Meanwhile, Soulja was slamming the 'Turn Up the Music' singer on Twitter. 

'Aye Chris Brown pull up n***a I'll knock yo B***h A** out stop snorting so much coke n***a', he wrote. 'That n***a Chris Brown better not tweet s**t with his p***y a**. He called my phone trippin so now I'm trippin F**k n***a. Fruits! Chris Brown think he hard cuz he hit a woman. And jumped a fan at his house party on New Years.' He also went on to address the infamous domestic between Brown and his ex-girlfriend Rihanna, which saw the singer land five years of probation for hitting the latter.

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Karrueche has had enough of the sitch though. In an Instagram post (now deleted) she said: 'First off this drama between the both of these two is so ridiculous it makes no sense. We just brought in a new year and this is what we doing?? ... This isn't cool or funny.. it's draining.. not just for me.. but for everyone. There's so much more out there in life then 'twitter beefs.' ... I been chillen.. working.. eating my veggies.. hitting these squats and minding my own business and that's exactly how I want to keep it.'

Unfortunately, this just seemed to wind Brown up more and he turned his verbal onslaught on her. 'Noone asked for this opinion!!! It ain't over you!! Girl keep the fame you got and stay classy!' He wrote. 'All your friends are your friends because you was Chris Brown's girl! And the other friends you still talk to... I f***ed. So advice from b***hes that had my d**k in they mouth is really not informative!'