Chris Brown and Frank Ocean have reportedly got themselves into a fight with each other in LA outside a recording studio.

It's difficult to find a parking space in any city, but if you're Chris Brown and thousands of people across the world hate you for beating your girlfriend, you'd think you might just let a slight altercation over a decent spot to leave your car in LA slide, rather than letting it escalate to the point that police were called. Brown hasn't been known to make good decisions though, so this is precisely what happened between him and Frank Ocean at a recording studio in LA. 

TMZ first broke the story, which said that a source said "Frank Ocean and his crew" blocked the passage out of the studio for Chris, saying "This is my studio, this is my parking spot." Then, when Chris went to shake Frank's hand, one of Frank's people threw the first punch. By this reckoning, Chris is the victim in the whole shibang, but according to TMZ, the police are referring to Ocean as the 'victim' because he's the one that stuck around to discuss the events. Plus, general consensus surrounding Brown isn't particularly favourable at the moment, and hasn't been since 2009. 

According to Ocean's Twitter, TMZ's story isn't quite right, as he claims that the attack was the other way around:

Brown is meant to be back in court this February as he's still under probation for his attack on Rihanna. If this fight gets taken further legally, it could spell doom for Brown.