Five concertgoers were shot and wounded early Sunday morning (Jan 11th) during a performance by infamous bad boy and R&B singer Chris Brown, which took place inside a sold out San Jose nightclub.

Chris Borwn
Five people were wounded as a result of the shooting

While entertaining the rowdy crowd at Fiesta nightclub with his hit 'Loyal' at approximately 1:20 a.m., a video posted by TMZ shows Brown becoming distracted by an altercation in the crowd while he is onstage with his entourage surrounding him.

The Grammy-winner, who was at the night spot hosting a Capricorn Bash birthday celebration, suddenly stopped in mid-performance to turn the attention to where the confrontation was taking place. "Oh, them n---as getting it in over there," he told the crowd, while smiling.

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Brown's smirk quickly changed to a look of concern when gunshots began going off in the nightclub, which sent the packed-out audience into a panic.

"Oh my god, oh my god, there's a gun. Somebody's shooting," one concertgoer could be heard saying in the video.

As the scared fans tried to exit the club, chaos quickly ensued. Brown, who wasn't injured during the incident, was immediately taken away by his security team.

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"Somebody's shooting guns!" the same attendee continued to shout as more shots were fired.

As a result of the shooting, four people were taken to hospital and one of the victim's turned up to the emergency room only a short time later, according to San Jose's Mercury News. Police say all the victims are expected to survive.

It still remains unclear if any arrests were made.