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A Week In News Feat: Chris Brown, JK Rowling, Lady Gaga, Billie Joe Armstrong, Miley Cyrus and More Feature

Brown nosing? How did Chris Brown get out of this one!? The 'Stop It' hit-maker...

Chris Brown - Fortune Album Review

The problem with Chris Brown - and we all know that there is a problem...

Chris Brown - Gimme That Single Review

Chris Brown Gimme That Single ReviewJive Uk Release Date 17th July - Released On Import...

Chris Brown - Chris Brown Album Review

ChrisBrownChris BrownSonyBMGAlbum ReviewWhat is it with Hip-Hop and R&B artists trying to claim royal status?...

Chris Brown - Run It Single Review

Chris BrownRun It Single ReviewChris Brown is only sixteen years old, so straight away he...

Chris Brown - Chris Brown Album Review

Chris BrownChris Brown - Album ReivewNot like the common R&B background of Atlanta or New...

Chris Brown has released a lot of albums, many of which have been commercially successful due to his growing popularity, as well as releasing numerous singles as well. Here, on Contact Music, you can read reviews for many of his albums and singles, written by some of our writers. 

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