Chloe Sevigny felt like she was ''on Ecstasy'' after giving birth.

The 45-year-old actress welcomed a son named Vanja into the world with her boyfriend Sinisa Mackovic in May this year, and has admitted that for the first three weeks of motherhood, she felt like she was ''high'' on the ''oxytocin love hormone'' her body was producing.

She said: ''You feel like you're on Ecstasy for the first three weeks because there's this big push because you're so exhausted. Your body exudes this crazy oxytocin love hormone where you just feel like you're high. That was really fun. I was like, I would do this again, just for this high.''

Chloe also admitted she had ''secretly desired'' a baby girl, but after spending the first trimester of her pregnancy working on the new HBO series 'We Are Who We Are' alongside child actor Jack Dylan Grazer, she began to see the merit in having a son.

She explained: ''I was around so much boy energy, and I didn't know what 
I was going to have at the time. I'd always secretly desired a girl. But I'm very girl-power, girl-friendly, girl-centric. I don't even have that many male friends unless I'd slept with them or whatever. But on set I kept thinking, 'What if I have a kid like this kid Jack?' First of all, he's brilliant, so that would be great; but secondly, he has so much energy. It was a lot of meditating on that one.''

The 'Big Love' star is now smitten with her baby boy, and wouldn't have it any other way.

And Chloe even says the new arrival has meant she doesn't get much done during the day, as she's too busy fawning over the tot.

Speaking to WSJ. Magazine, she said: ''I'm usually really good at time management. I'm actually really proud of how I get everything done in a day. I keep lists, and I'm very organised. Since I've had the baby, I'm just like, I don't know how anybody gets anything done. I have to cook for everyone, then clean, then feed him, then clean him. We've been lucky that Sinisa's been home from work, and he helps all the time. He's on Zoom calls 24 hours a day, half of them holding the baby.''