Chloe Sevigny wants to start a family.

The 'Cosmopolitans' star recently moved to the upmarket New York City neighbourhood Park Slope in Brooklyn from the East Village and thinks it's the perfect place to raise kids.

She said: ''Children would be nice at some point. I just bought a brownstone with the park across the street - it's the perfect setting for that storyline to play out. If you build it, they will come.''

But the star says her future children won't have a conventional upbringing.

She said: ''I'm as weird as you get. But that's OK.''

The 39-year-old actress admits she wants to empower herself more and is a huge fan of actresses, like Mia Farrow, who speak their minds.

She added to Harper's Bazaar magazine: ''I want to empower myself more, like Patti Smith or my friend Natasha Lyonne, not needing to bend to any ideals of beauty or fashion - being more female gangster.

''I also wish I weren't scared of taking a stand politically. It's heroic the way Mia Farrow is a public figure who speaks her mind on so many issues. I hope I'll become that. I mean, I'm in my apartment, sorting napkins. It's not very sexy.''