Chloe Sevigny's style ''hasn't really changed'' as she's got older.

The fashion designer and former model insists that despite turning 40 last year, she still likes to dress like she did when she was in her 20s.

She said: ''I don't know that I should wear super-high-cut denim shorts any more, but I do! My style hasn't really changed with age.''

The 'American Horror Story' actress also revealed she can't imagine her wardrobe choices will change all that much when she's an older woman.

Asked what she sees herself wearing when she's 80-years-old, she told Vogue magazine: ''I see myself with really long, white hair. Hopefully I won't be as body conscious, and be more kind of flowy, go back to the whole Yves Saint Laurent thing I did when I was younger, but still putting in a bit of effort.''

The blonde beauty is currently filming an eighteenth-century period feature film, an adaptation of Jane Austen's novel 'Love and Friendship', and admits wearing costumes is the reason she got into acting.

Chloe added: ''It's why I wanted to become an actress, to be in a period picture! And I've done my first one 20 years into my career ... Being in a corset for 12 hours is difficult and there are a lot of heavy skirts but it's so fun and I love all this hair piled on my head and the tendril curls.''