Chloe Sevigny hates going to fashion shows.

The 'Gummo' actress doesn't like to attend high fashion events because she is not comfortable being around people she deems to be ''popular kids.''

She told BBC Radio Four: ''I don't enjoy going to fashion shows. It's very high school, it's very 'the most popular kids in The Front row', and everybody's checking everybody else out, and you have to do all this press and get your picture taken. It's not fun for me - it's work.''

Stylish Chloe claims she goes to shows in order to support her friends, or if she is ''getting paid''.

Ironically Chloe, 37, initially made her name through her unique sense of style. She added: ''My style helps me make a lot of money, so it's kind of important.

''It's kind of a hobby. I like getting dressed, I like putting myself together. I admire people who put a little effort into their style. ''But as far as my face in the industry, it has been pretty lucrative for me. I think that those companies are interested In Me because I don't work with a stylist - it's me, myself, it's my personal style. They can sense that.''