It was meant to be an end of the summer box office battle, between a tear jerking teen drama and a long waited comic book sequel. But instead, audiences have largely stayed away from theatres this weekend, rather than make the 'difficult' choice between If I Stay and Sin City: A Dame To Kill For.

If i stayChloe Grace Moretz [L] and James Blackley [R] in 'If I Stay'

Chloe Moretz’s young adult drama, about a girl forced to choose between dying and waking up from a coma after an accident which killed her family, has won the battle taking $6.8 million on its first Friday, according to Forbes. However $6.8 million isn't really much of victory in what should have been the last big weekend of the summer season. 

But the really bad news was reserved for Robert Rodriguez’s Sin City sequel which didn't even manage to make it to second place. Instead sports flick When the Game Stands Tall starring James Caviezel, Alexander Ludwig and Laura Dern landed in the number two spot after taking $3m on Friday.

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So what happened to Sin City: A Dame to Kill For? Nine years ago the first Sin City movie opened with a $29m debut weekend, this time around it's only predicted to make $7million, and thats if it’s lucky.

On Friday it only mustered a measly $2.62 million despite the star power of Eva Green, Josh Brolin, Jessica Alba and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. While fans had apparently been 'eagerly awaiting' a Sin City  follow up, it appears none of them got the memo that the sequel has actually happened and it's currently out in theatres.

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Reviews for the movie have been mixed so far, with many finding it visually stunning but mentally exhausting due to the three interlocking stories. However the one thing that can be agreed on is that former Bond girl Eva Green steals the show (as expected).

Jessica alba in sin city 2 a dame to kill forFans have stayed away from Sin City 2

In other news, Guardians of the Galaxy  is still making bank, earning $4.83 million on its fourth Friday, putting its US box office takings now at $239 million.