Chloe Moretz says her family is like the Spice Girls.

The 'Carrie' actress grew up in a single parent household with her four older brothers doting on her and she claims her siblings are all so different from one another they remind her of the iconic 90s girl band, each with their own nickname and persona.

She told the Metro newspaper: ''My family keeps me on the ground; I have four older brothers and they are all very, very protective. They are like four fathers.

''I have the acting and singing dad, the business dad, the mathematics dad and the sporty dad. It is like I have the Spice Girls as my brothers!''

The 16-year-old actress stars as tortured teen Carrie in the remake of the 1976 horror film - based on Stephen King's novel - and Chloe says she beat the blues brought on by her dark character during filming by listening to Swedish pop group Abba.

She explained: ''To be honest, I just like really dark characters. Those roles can get you down a little bit, but I can always cheer myself up afterwards, working out helps, but mostly I cheer myself up by playing ABBA.

''When I was doing 'Carrie', my mom caught me on video dancing on the kitchen table, still in my robe, covered in blood, and jumping around to 'Dancing Queen'. That's a great release.''