Chloe Moretz has been named as MaxMara's 2012 Face of the Future.

The 15-year-old actress will be honoured by the label at an awards ceremony in Beverly Hills in June and she follows in the footsteps of Katie Holmes, Zoe Saldana and Emily Blunt.

Criteria for The Women in Film, MaxMara Face of the Future Award includes ''an actress experiencing a turning point in her career'' and ''embodiment of style and grace''.

Despite her tender age, Chloe is renowned for her style and recently revealed she strives to look ''flirty'' yet age appropriate on the red carpet.

The 'Hugo' star loves dressing up for film premieres and events but admitted she relies on a stylist to ensure she dresses her age.

She said: ''It's all up to my stylist, Nell Kalonji. I owe it to her for everything she pulls for me and puts together for me. [I] have to be very age appropriate, but at the same time flirty and chic and young.

''I definitely keep it safe because I'm not that kind of girl. I'm not risque - I'm very normal and grounded. So I definitely don't want to get older when I have a lot of time to do that.''