Chloe Grace Moretz says exercise gives her "mental clarity" and keeps her "grounded".

The 24-year-old actress admitted she "lost sight" of how "important" regular exercise is for her mind, body and soul for a while, and now she's gotten back into it "full time".

Chloe told the March issue of Shape magazine - of which she is the cover star - that: "A few years ago, I lost sight of how important exercising is to me. I forgot how it provides mental clarity and dexterity and keeps me grounded and strong. Now I've really gotten back into it full time. Working the mind, body, and soul — that's super important.

"Before the pandemic, I was exercising with my trainer Jason Walsh, who focuses on primal movements, like bear crawls and baby rolls where you're rolling from your abdomen to your back. When I started, these basic moves immediately helped different pains leave my body. Five days a week, I was seeing either Jason in L.A. or another amazing trainer, Daniel Lavipour, in London. Then on the weekends, I was taking restorative yoga classes. I was constantly with them, either in person or over FaceTime. There's something wonderful about that companionship."

Chloe has since decided to exercise on her own without a trainer and isn't hard on herself if she ends up just sitting down for "20 minutes of quiet" instead of working out, because she's able to "unravel" her "emotions" in that time.

She continued: "But in quarantine, I've paused the trainer workouts. For the first time, I've realised I have the ability to continue regular exercise on my own, although it may not be as intense. Some days, all I can muster is getting up and stretching. It's enough to say, 'I thought about working out, but now I'm sitting here and at least I'm having 20 minutes of quiet.' I'm using that designated workout time to unravel my emotions.

Elsewhere, the 'Kick-Ass' star revealed skincare is always her top priority and that she regularly has a lymphatic drainage treatment to help sculpt her face and clear up acne.

She told the publication: "For me, skincare is first and foremost. I rely on natural products, but very few products in general. To wash, I usually use olive oil and honey as an antimicrobial cleanser. Then as a toner, I use the SK-II Mid-Day Miracle Essence, which is like this miracle water. I also do a lot of lymphatic drainage in my face regularly, which helps clean up the acne."