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Heart Of Hearts
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Chk Chk Chk Heart Of Hearts Single

When did decent music lose its 'fun'?? Should the 'fun' records simply be left to jokers and gimmick ridden bands? Well, I wasn't sure for awhile, and then !!! (pronounced Chk Chk Chk) came and pulled the proverbial carpet of uncertainty from beneath me. That was with their last album 'Louden Up Now', and now they're back, picking up exactly where they left off with 'Heart of Hearts', the first single from March's 'Myth Takes'.

Opening with an air of uncertainty, ' Heart of Hearts' instantly grabs me and then drags me along for the ride. It has to be said, this does sound decidedly more produced than their previous outings, and where that could be a bad thing, !!! make it work to their advantage, building more of a party feel. Then the bridge kicks in, and they serve up a healthy portion of the kind of imperfections we've come to love about these guys.

It's clear from this single that the Chk-sters have progressed, but not in the way you might have imagined. As a band they have always been interesting, and charismatic, but now they are infusing those qualities into their production, adding a new depth to their already sterling sound. I cant wait for the album in March, and catch them on tour around the UK now, you will not be sorry.

-Thom Holmes

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