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!!! (Chk Chk Chk)
Myth Takes
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Chk Chk Chk Myth Takes Album

Now then.Do you, like me, ever wonder if/when Warp Records will falter? Well if you do, consider this to be yet another leaf in the immaculately crafted masterpiece that is the Warp bible. 'Myth Takes', the third album from Brooklyn based septet !!!, chk chk chk to you and me. Since the last album, 'Louden Up Now', the chk'sters have built themselves a reputation as one of the best live acts around today, and have recently toured with the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Right then, so how does the new album stand...well lets see shall we.

The title track opens things up, and its straight down to business. What hits me first is just how much crisper their sound is, they've clearly spent a lot longer on the production than before, and it really works. If you'd told me that, I would have mourned the loss of the rough edges, however hearing it for yourself is a totally different story. Track two 'All My Heroes Are Weirdos' is a headfirst dive into the deep end of the !!! sound. The percussion on this track marks a progression, drifting away from simply using drums for the beat. Great, but that's not all. As I said before they recently toured with the Chillies, and when I first heard this news, I was a bit taken aback. However upon hearing this album, I can see why. Now don't let this statement alarm you, but these guys have adorned something of a 'pop' edge.calm down, calm down. Some of the greatest music ever created has a pop influence, and it works, so why knock it? First single 'Heart Of Hearts' is a disco laden funk-fest. This is perfect choice for first single. It's melodic, pumping and rhythmic, and for once a band has managed to encapsulate the notion of a 'rave' tune in rock packaging, forget the Klaxons, or any of this other 'nu-rave' rubbish, they wouldn't know rave if it bit them on the arse.

With more elements being strewn into this already mish-mashed collection of influences, funk, rock, disco, techno, etc, it would be natural to assume that the band are having trouble keeping up with the evolution of their sound!? This just isn't so. They sound tighter than ever, and are more captivating than ever.So if you don't already know, make sure you get wind of these motherchkers before its too late!

Thom Holmes

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