Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

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Fantasmagorical Fun
Think early Sunday nights sitting by the fire, think crumpets and your parents not letting you out. One film brings all these memories flashing back.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is a lengthy film revolving around Caractacus Potts, a widower inventor who spends more time on his crazy inventions than paying attention to his children. However, when his kids plead with him to save an old race car destined for the scrap heap he scrounges up the cash, buys it, and sets to fixing it up. What he produces is truly amazing. A fun-filled adventure ensues involving the child-hating Baron Bomburst who will stop at nothing to have the car - including trying to kidnap the inventor.

The film is scattered with songs and has one of the best ever story lines for a children film. This is probably due to the fact it was written by Ian Flemming of 007 fame. It's a wonderful film that contains everything you ever need to keep the "kids" happy (including an intermission). But beware smaller children may find the child catcher a little scary…..I know I do!

MGM have done a great job in re-mastering this classic the colours are vivid, pictures sharp and the sound is great. I wouldn't be surprised if this offering is better than the original and is definitely one for the collection.


Dick Van Dyke .... Caractacus Potts

Sally Ann Howes .... Truly Scrumptious

Lionel Jeffries .... Grandpa Potts

Gert Frbe .... Baron Bomburst

Anna Quayle .... Baroness Bomburst

Benny Hill .... Toymaker

James Robertson Justice .... Lord Scrumptious

Robert Helpmann .... Child Catcher

Heather Ripley .... Jemima

Adrian Hall .... Jeremy

Barbara Windsor .... Blonde

Arthur Mullard .... Cyril, Big Man