Review of You Said Single by Chikinki

"You Said"

Urban Cow
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Chikinki You Said Single

When a band releases a song on their own label, it generally means they're really bad and can't get a record deal, or that they don't wish to be tainted by outside influences. This is the route taken here by Chikinki (perhaps the worst band name ever?), a five-piece who will be on tour throughout the UK and in Europe in May.

The most striking aspect of "You Said" is that it isn't very striking at all… but still keeps you intrigued. It could be the subtle synths, or the Kings Of Leon-esque singing of Rupert Browne, but more likely the reason is that the song is a reasonable bit of indie. Of similar mould is "Nasty Side", though this is littered with more electronic touches, which ultimately gives it a touch more durability. n'

Alex Lai

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