Chief Keef spent Monday (May 20) night in a cell in Atlanta, Georgia, with the rapper being cited for disorderly conduct before being taken away. TMZ got to the root of his arrest today (May 21) by obtaining the 911 call made by the hotel security guard that called the incident in, with the justice-hunting hotel worker coming across not quite as cool as he would have hoped when the call was made.

TMZ have the recording available to listen to on their site, with the concerned hotel worker ringing up the police when he found out that Keef a his posse were "rolling marijuana" in his hotel room. The security guard went on to tell the 911 operator, "a bunch of gentlemen [are] rolling marijuana and smoking ... all in the room ... the room's filled with smoke."

The squealer sounds very shocked by the whole ordeal and can't quite believe what is going on, but he tries to relay everything that happened and why he feels it was an urgent matter that needed to end in police intervention. The security guard goes on to say, the hoodlums "may just bolt" at any minute, explaining his shock when he "announced myself as 'security' and they let me in the room as if it doesn't even matter!"

Anyway, as square as the security guard's actions may sound on tape, Keef and his guys were still breaking the law and he had every right to call the cops. Keef's Twitter update following his release from jail didn't exactly give the impression that he enjoyed his stay behind bars, but with a wedding apparently imminent between himself and girlfriend/fiancé Pretty Mesha he may have forgotten about the whole thing quite quickly.