Cops shows have been done almost to death. While there is a saturation point for everything, so long as new story lines can be developed or just a modicum of updating is applied to a rehashed tradition then there's the possibility for something good, if not great. That's what Golden Boy is it seems. As reviews roll in, no one hates it, few love it but most enjoyed it.

The Boston Globe goes so far as to say there are a few 'outstanding elements'. The premise of Golden Boy is in its title and part of its charm, claims the website. Following a rookie who has, through his bravery rather than skill and experience, found himself in a lauded position and given the opportunity to head straight to the homicide department despite having no experience. "The title [Golden Boy] is both truthful and sarcastic." However, in many respects the show seems to reflect their description of its central character, Walter Clark, "You want to like him, and he is likable, but he succumbs to some unattractive methods in his hunger for success." 

USA Today sums up their review by saying "The scripts offer a well-balanced mix of office politics, underlying mystery and weekly cop procedural. And the first-rate cast ties it all together with abundant skill." Adding, "No, that still isn't enough to win the Boy a TV gold medal. But silver is nothing to sniff at."

Overall then, it's one to watch.