Legendary comedian Chevy Chase will be leaving American sitcom Community, 'effective immediately' according to The Hollywood Reporter, which has confirmed reports.

Citing neither resignation nor a sacking, apparently Chase's exile from the show is a 'mutual decision'.  Most of season four has already been shot, with only a few more episodes to be produced, but it's unclear how his character Pierce Hawthorn's  exit will be written into the show, or if it even will be. Chase has caused controversy on set, so for many the news of his departure wont be a surprise for everyone. Apparently the comedian left an abusive voicemail message on writer Dan Harmon's phone, and accidentally let the 'n' word slip during filming earlier this year. 

Community has already run into a fair few problems this year, having been postponed indefinitely back in September, and then rescheduled for January, plus it being very unclear for a long time as to whether another season would even be commissioned. Cast and crew alike waiting with baited breath, although given the disdain the 69 year old actor has expressed for the show, he was perhaps disappointed by the show's success and renewal. Community will be back on February 7th 2013.