Chevy Chase has made a peaceful decision to leave Community. Despite having had a turbulent relationship with the show’s producers in the past, the decision to leave was amicable, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Chase apparently wasn’t happy with the direction that his character, the racist Pierce Hawthorne, was taking and so decided to step down from the series. The majority of season’s four’s episodes have already been written though and its currently unclear whether or not his exit from the show will have to be quickly written into the scripts.

Last year, Chevy Chase had a rather public spat with the show’s creator, Dan Harmon, when he left Harmon an expletive-laden voicemail message. Harmon was fired from the show but then Chase found himself in hot water last month when he used the n-word whilst he was trying to make a point about his character’s direction.

The show’s current executive producers, David Guarascio and Moses Port had seemed confident about working with Chevy and recently told Entertainment Weekly “The truth is we’ve had a very easy working relationship with Chevy, maybe just because it was so volatile before, there’s no fight left… We sat down, had a real nice lunch… And so it’s been really easy for us. He also says what he wants to say and does what he wants to do, and you just can’t control any of that aspect of it.” Chase is reportedly working on a new film script with his old comedy partner, Dan Ackroyd. 

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