Chester Bennington gets another sensational musical tribute, this time from his friend and collaborator Steve Aoki who has dropped a new mash-up of two songs featuring the Linkin Park singer entitled 'Darker Than the Light That Never Bleeds' (Chester Forever Remix). All profits from the song's sales will go to charity.

Linkin Park performing live in BrixtonLinkin Park performing live in Brixton

The new song is a medley of Aoki's 2015 single 'Darker Than Blood' featuring Linkin Park from 'Neon Future II', and 'A Light That Never Comes' which was his first collaboration with the band released for their 2013 remix album 'Recharged'. All proceeds from the single will be donated to Music for Relief, a charity the band set up back in 2004.

'It was a tragedy what just happened', Steve told Rolling Stone of Chester's death. 'I still can't believe it. Even though it's been some time, you think, like, oh, no, no, no. I can't believe we're already talking about him in the past tense. I'm like, holy shit, he's f***ing gone.'

It has been an immensely difficult time for the 39-year-old producer, who was a big fan of Linkin Park before he landed the chance to work with them, and ended up becoming a close friend of Chester Bennington through their seamless collaboration. 

'He's my favorite f***ing singer from one of my favorite bands of all time', he says. 'I never thought that we would ever be collaborating on music at all. EDM and rock music - you would never imagine the pairing.'

Needless to say, the pairing went very well indeed when it eventually came to fruition. 'The first time I got in the studio with them - it was no longer, like, me being the mega-fan and them being the rockstars', he explains. 'Once they laid down the groundwork, it was just mutual respect. And I got to learn about the Linkin Park process. It's so different from how I attack an album, or how I go into tackling a song.'

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Nowadays, playing the songs they developed together is an emotionally challenging feat for Steve Aoki, but he knows that music fans out there are also feeling the pain and so he wants to give them a gift in the form of this new remix. 'When I play our songs together live, I'm so proud, but I'm so, so gut-wrenched', he reveals. 'And at the same time, when I feel the crowd fully with me, together in that moment where they totally get it and they sing along to all the lyrics and their eyes are closed - I feel like that's my way of giving back.'