New music featuring vocals from Chester Bennington has done ''justice'' to the late star, according to Sean Dowdell.

The Grey Daze drummer worked with Chester before he took his own life in 2017, and Sean feels proud of the new music, which features vocals that Chester recorded more than 20 years ago.

Speaking to the BBC, Sean shared: ''It felt like it gave me a little bit of closure with losing him, something that I was able to work on for a couple of years in his honour. And I feel like I did my friend justice, you know?''

Chester starred in Grey Daze before he was in Linkin Park.

And according to Sean, the late singer planned to reform their 90s band before his death.

He said: ''In 2016, we decided we wanted make sure people got to hear this music.''

Although Chester never got the chance to re-record his vocals, Sean was determined to see his ambition come to fruition.

Reflecting on the challenge, he explained: ''That's one of the reasons this took two and a half years because we were in uncharted territory - we had to reverse engineer these songs.

''And I think we did a great job. I think we created a masterpiece.''

Sean also feels like the music has helped him to reconnect with Chester.

He said: ''We wrote all the lyrics together and while I was writing from more of a philosophical point of view, I can clearly see, now he's gone, that these were real pain points that he was living in his life.

''When you're writing it, it has one meaning and then after you lose your friend, and you look back, it takes on a whole new meaning.''