Chester Bennington formed Dead By Sunrise because he wanted to make "dirty" songs.

The Linkin Park frontman recently debuted his new side project and says he formed the group so he could branch out from the 'In The End' hitmakers' usual sound.

He explained: "I had some songs which sounded so different and had this grungy, dirty feel to them - and Linkin Park kind of stay away from the grungy vibe, but I felt it served the songs well. So I got a little push from my friend Ryan Shuck, who plays guitar in the band, and he kind of helped me make the choice to start the band, and I'm really glad he did because I think we've made a really great record. "

The rocker insists that he has no problem with juggling the two bands as he has learned how to take things one at a time.

He added to BANG Showbiz: "My schedule is complicated but I have kind of taken on this new philosophy which is don't think about anything too much and tackle things one piece at a time and what looks like a mountain actually turns out to be a bunch of little pebbles stacked up on top of each other."