Grey Daze have announced a new album.

The rock band - which is best known for kickstarting the career of tragic Linkin Park star Chester Bennington, who took his own life at the age of 41 back in 2017 - are set to release the follow up to their 2020 album 'Amends', which used Chester's vocals over new instrumentation as they continue to deal with the grief of their former bandmate.

'The Phoenix' is a fiery, newly-recorded, 10-song collection fulfils the surviving band members’ pledge to Bennington.

Drummer Sean Dowdell said: "[Our last album] 'Amends' was more emotional and reflective. We felt sad when we were writing it. Now that we’re a couple of years removed, it’s very clear what we were going through. We were at a different stage of grief. We went through the shock and the sadness. Now, we’re back to gratitude. "

The new album also sees contributions from Dave Navarro, Richard Patrick and Sean went on to explain that the upcoming album is a "celebration" of their friend and noted fans that they will "love" the record if they remember Chester’s iconic scream.

He added: "So, The Phoenix is more of a celebration of our friend, his talent, and the music. It captures Chester’s angst and energy that people fell in love with. It’s much more aggressive. If you love Chester’s scream, you’ll love this record."

Alongside the album, Grey Daze - who burst onto the music scene back in 1994 to 1997 and released two albums until Chester went on to huge success with the 'One Step Closer' rockers - have released a new recording of their song 'Saturation (Strange Love)', which Sean says will come as a "surprise " to fans of the tragic star.

He said: "It’s going to surprise a lot of people because it gets back to Chester’s core. One of the things that people love about him was his unique ability to scream in key… and this song brings you back to everything you love about that scream. You feel that angst and raw emotion he brought to everything he did."

'Saturation (Strange Love)’ is available to stream today (15.04.22), while 'The Phoenix' is set for worldwide release on CD and all streaming platforms on 17 June.

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