Got To Be Real hitmaker Lynn posted a screenshot from her Twitter app on Wednesday (27May15), which read: "You are blocked from following @IAMANITABAKER and viewing @IAMANITABAKER's tweets."

Confused by the alert, Lynn attempted to get to the bottom of the situation by sending a string of tweets to Baker.

She wrote, "Really girl, I thought we were cool. I guess I should've known something was up when you ignored me... What did I ever do to you? Oh, I get it probably cuz I will sing you down on the stage is that it?

"I've been nothing but sweet to you, and I get blocked. I thought we were good. Its crazy how your truly colors came out... I will always respect your artistry, you're truly one of the best to ever do it. I still have love for you. Xo

"We're too OLD to be petty, just call me and we can settle this like adults. Ppl (people) look up to us. We're OG'S (originals) in this biz."

Lynn later addressed her fans following her rant, insisting she was caught up in the heat of the moment and just wanted an explanation for the unexpected block.

She wrote, "Just to clear things up there's no beef between me and Anita. I just needed answers that she wasn't giving this was the only way. #AllLove

"To have someone say their your friend and then to one day call them and not have them call you or hate on you for no reason is SAD. We've been friends since 1980 before you had an album out, and we were always sweet to one another I wonder what changed. Voice maybe?"