Cheryl Cole has admitted that it was down to her “chasing” after new beau Tre Holloway that resulted in the pair becoming an item, admitting that if it was up to him, the pair probably wouldn’t be an item by now.

Speaking on Alan Carr: Chatty Man, on the show which is due to air tonight (October 12, 2012), the singer admitted that she “cast a spell” on the dancer to ensure that he would be hers. When asked by the comedian whether she was going out with Tre before her tour or hired him just so she could “pounce on him” she revealed that in fact it was “a bit of both!”

The two exchanged a fair bit of light-hearted banter during the interview, but it wasn’t all merriment and talk of new love on the show, as Alan hit up on some more serious topics too. The comedian went on to quiz Cheryl on her relationship with ex-husband Ashley Cole, asking he whether she knew why her he cheated on her. The singer replied, “I still don't to this day, no. It was frustrating. I think maybe for him that would have been like admitting he was wrong and justifying me leaving the marriage, whereas if he didn't say anything he could pretend it wasn't happening.”

Cheryl is currently in the midst of her first ever solo tour, which started in Belfast on October 3 and runs through to October 17 when she performs the last of a two date homecoming show in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.