One Direction fans have responded to rumours that Cheryl and Liam Payne are expecting a baby with a bizarre hashtag calling on band members to use condoms.

Rumours that Cheryl is pregnant have been circulating for ages now, but when the singer made her first public appearance in months last night, #CondomCampaignFor1D began trending on Twitter.

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Cheryl was pictured attending the L'Oreal Gold Obsession Party held on Sunday during Paris Fashion Week. While she kept herself covered up, wearing a black sequin top, Cheryl did appear to have a fuller face and figure than in recent months.

As pictures from the event made their way online, One Direction fans began using the bizarre hashtag when it hit them that Liam might actually soon be a dad.

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The ‘condom campaign’ quickly took off on social media, despite the fact that Louis Tomlinson is the only One Direction member who actually has a child.

One fan wrote: ‘Someone teach these boys about condoms. #CondomCampaignFor1D’. Another tweeted: ‘In case you didn't know these exist for you to use Liam,’ attaching images of condom packets.

Another wrote: ‘That's it Liam you're not allowed hanging out with that Louis anymore. Always knew he was a bad influence. #CondomCampaignFor1D’.

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Neither Cheryl nor Liam have addressed the pregnancy rumours, despite the huge interest from the One Direction fandom.

Cheryl has been particularly quiet on social media recently, but did return to Instagram on Sunday posting a selfie showing her wearing Snapchat's crown filter.

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