Cheryl Cole is fed up of people thinking she passes wind on aircrafts.

The 28-year-old singer claims she is always being accused of breaking wind because passengers think she is too famous to care about concealing her bodily functions.

Cheryl told The Sun: ''I always look around and try to work out who it was and I see the eyes staring back at me.

''I know they're thinking, 'Cheryl Cole thinks it's OK to fart on a plane as she's special,' and it's so not true.''

'Call My Name' the first single from her second solo album 'A Million Lights' is expected to be number one in the UK Top 40 this weekend.

The Girls Aloud member thinks it would be a smart idea to invent a spray that can detect the culprit.

She said: ''There should be a sort of aerosol that can be sprayed into the air and it would pinpoint the guilty person.

''You can get a similar thing to go into swimming pools to discourage people from peeing. I think it would be a winner on a long flight.''