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Cherry Ghost

Cherry Ghost People Help The People Single

People Help The People
Single Review

Mancunian sextet Cherry Ghost are the latest in a long line of bands who've taken that 'mature' route to pop stardom.

'What mature route?' I hear you scream.

Why, the same one employed by the likes of Snow Patrol, Athlete, Ghosts and countless other inoffensively bland peers.

Maybe I'm being a tad unfair comparing 'People Help The People' to the aforementioned hall of shame, as there is at least a semblance of belief in the way Simon Aldred's hoary vocal moves the song along at a grandiose pace, not least when he implores 'If I had a brain.' in some measured cry of desperation that at least sets it apart from careerist fake sentimentalists like The Feeling.

Still, expect this to be soundtracking the dramatic last rites of some soap opera tragedy before the summer's out.

Dom Gourlay

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