Review of Unappreciated Single by Cherish

Single Review

Cherish Unappreciated Single

The biggest injustice of 2006 has to be that Cherish's club anthem "Do It To It" was not the monster hit deserved to be, yep it was urban but it had all the appeal of a Destiny's Child hit when they were at their hit-making peak.

This track is more chilled and radio friendly. Lyrically this track is all that and some. It's not your normal female sung / male hating styled R&B track.

It is actually lyrically structured to educate the world's male population rather than diss them. These girls can blow vocally trust me and this is very evident on this track. Please I beg you buy this single when it drops and making it a huge hit and then you never know the record company might re-release "Do It To It". Check out the album too hits hot.

Real Urban Appeal 4/5 Hit Appeal 3/5

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