Comedienne Chelsea Handler has been left with scrapes and bruises after she was involved in a minor scooter accident while on vacation this summer (14).

The This Means War actress reveals she crashed into a rail on the side of a road in Majorca, Spain after struggling to balance on her Vespa while trying to give another holidaymaker a ride.

She explains, "I got into an accident in Majorca. I was on a Vespa, some girl wanted a ride on my Vespa and I've ridden Vespas several times but I've never had a passenger, and you really have to redistribute your weight...

"I said, 'I'll give you a ride, but I can't guarantee your safety.' And we went right into a guard rail 50 feet from where we took off! It was a bad accident, my feet were swollen for about two weeks... She fell right on top of me... I was injured, I have a ton of scratches..."