Chelsea Handler believes men are intimidated by her.

The TV personality - who has previously dated Ted Harbert, ANDRE BALAZS, 50 Cent and others - is known for being opinionated and other people can often feel browbeaten in her presence.

Asked about whether men are intimidated by her, she replied: ''Yes, definitely. But it's none of my concern.''

The blonde beauty, 39, agrees it can be problematic in a relationship but she's not going to change aspects of her personality to please somebody else.

She explained: ''I'm sure it can be but I'm not going to alter my personality so that men like me more. I've had men who have felt they can handle me but they've turned out to be terrible. There are one or two that I real regret ever dating. The very thing they're attracted to is the very thing they are scared of.''

Chelsea has previously admitted she's not adamant to get married but she reckons it'll probably happen at some point in her life.

She added: ''I'm not keen on children. And I'm not against marriage but it's not something on my 'must' list. I'm sure I'll end up getting married one time. I've been closed but luckily the sky opened up. I saw what was really in front of me and decided against it. It would have been the biggest mistake of my life.''