French actress/singer Charlotte Gainsbourg is terrified of playing music on-stage - because she's convinced she'll never live up to her late father SERGE.
Charlotte made her singing debut when she was just 13, duetting with her dad Serge on the 1984 track Lemon Incest - but she's never gained the confidence to step out of the French icon's shadow.
She admits she sings in English to "distance" herself from her dad's French hits, and even relied on rocker Beck to help write the lyrics for her last album IRM because she didn't feel creative enough.
She tells Britain's NME magazine, "My dad was a genius. I think about him every time I sing. I think it's why I can't write songs and why I haven't played my own gig yet. People understand because they know how difficult it is for me, but I find (his legacy) very overwhelming."