‘Geordie Shores'’ Marnie Simpson has been branded a “bully” by viewers of ‘Celebrity Big Brother’, after she exposed her breasts to fellow housemate Saira Khan. In scenes broadcast during Sunday night’s episode, Simpson was shown flashing Khan, hours after they’d had a heated argument.

Marnie SimpsonMarnie Simpson is in hot water with CBB viewers after flashing Saira Khan.

While playing a game of Truth Or Dare with the other housemates, Simpson approached Khan and said: “I just want to ask you a very serious question. Do you think that we had the big confrontation because I’ve got better boobs than you?”

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She then pulled down her top and flashed Khan, who promptly pushed her away and answered, “Yes, that’s exactly it, you do.” Earlier in the day the two had an altercation after Khan became upset following an argument with ‘Sex on the Beach’s’ Stephen Bear.

On Twitter many viewers expressed their outrage at Simpson’s antics, with some even calling for her to be removed from the show. “They're actually bullying Saira,” one viewer tweeted. Another added: “Marnie. That was vile. So low.”

“This is actually horrible to watch now... What Marnie did to Saira was bang out of order. So disrespectful,” added another viewer. While one predicted, “Marnie will be the first Geordie shore housemate to NOT win the reality show she's on.”

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But Simpson’s ‘Geordie Shore’ cast mate and former ‘CBB’ winner Charlotte Crosby spoke out in her defence on Twitter. “Aw Marns wish you hadn't done that. I honestly think that @MarnieGShore was just caught up in the game and a little bit drunk,” Crosby tweeted. “She's defo not a bully. Tomorrows ep I'm more then certain we will see her apologise when she realises.”