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21st August 2014

Tweet: "I lost a great friend last night to pancreatic cancer. He was a beautiful human and will be greatly missed. Good night Peter." Singer Charlotte Church bids farewell to a pal.

27th June 2014

Fact: Welsh singer Charlotte Church, rugby legend Gareth Edwards and politician Neil Kinnock have joined Rhys Ifans for a film adaptation of beloved writer Dylan Thomas's Under Milk Wood. Thomas' 'play for voices', which is set in fictional seaside town Llareggub, was first performed in 1954. Church will portray Polly Garter, while Kinnock and Edwards will make guest appearances.

15th October 2012

Quote: "I'd definitely have to retrain. I can still do it but I can't do it like I should be able to." Former classical star Charlotte Church would need lessons to return to her operatic roots.

29th June 2012

Quote: "I was at a party (when I was 15) and Britney was there. Her PA (personal assistant) came up to me and said, 'Britney is a massive fan and would really like to meet you,' and I was, 'OK, not a problem,' and I went over and Britney just kind of turned and said, 'Hi' then turned away and carried on." Former child star Charlotte Church was snubbed by Britney Spears.

29th June 2012

Quote: "I really want to get one, I've wanted one forever. I'm really obsessed with ancient Egypt so wanted a Ankh symbol, but it's really popular and a lot of people have it so perhaps it will be something else." Charlotte Church finally catches up with the fashion for body art.

5th September 2011

Fact: Singer Charlotte Church is taking over as host of a breakfast radio show on Britain's Radio 2 for two weeks this month (Sep11).

30th May 2011

Fact: The parents of Welsh singer Charlotte Church will open up their guesthouse in Cardiff for British TV show Four In A Bed.

7th December 2010

Fact: Former child star Charlotte Church will return to the stage in America on Wednesday (08Dec10) for the first time in eight years. The singer will perform an intimate acoustic set at The Eldridge in New York.

19th November 2010

Quote: "I don't think so, mainly because I think there is already so much of me out there. To put yourself up for that is something I wouldn't fancy." Welsh singer Charlotte Church rules out appearing on a reality TV show.

26th October 2010

Quote: "I think he's doing really well, he's so out of his comfort zone. And I vote as much as I can. Definitely more than 10 votes!" Singer Charlotte Church is rooting for her ex, rugby ace Gavin Henson, as he competes on U.K. reality show Strictly Come Dancing.

5th October 2010

Quote: "Generally, for me, slimness comes with a little bit of upset or stress. Whereas when I'm happy I tend to get a little bit bigger. Which is fine. I'd rather be fat and happy, to be honest." Welsh singer Charlotte Church on her declining weight following her split from rugby star fiance Gavin Henson earlier this year (10).

8th July 2008

Quote: "I have fingers that look like cocktail sausages." Welsh singer-turned-TV presenter Charlotte Church hates her chubby fingers.

4th March 2007

Fact: Charlotte Church's pregnancy announcement last week (01MAR07) has caused a flurry of activity in British bookmakers with one punter staking GBP10 ($19.50) on the likelihood of the singer and her rugby ace boyfriend Gavin Henson calling the new arrival after the longest place name in their native Wales - Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch.

21st February 2007

Fact: Welsh pop star-turned-chat show host Charlotte Church will be burning off her 21st birthday cake in the gym today (21FEB07) - boyfriend Gavin Henson splashed out on a year's worth of keep-fit classes with a top personal trainer for her present.

19th February 2007

Quote: "I had a big 18th and my mum said either you have a big 18th or a big 21st." TV Presenter/singer Charlotte Church is planning a quiet celebration for her 21st birthday after her mum banned another lavish party.

17th February 2007

Quote: "Look at J-Lo, she's got her frigging fashion label, music, movie. One thing at a time for me. I've got a hungry fella at home to look after." Charlotte Church is envious of Jennifer Lopez's ability to multi-task.

8th January 2007

Fact: Welsh singer Charlotte Church wowed drinkers in a bar in Chamonix-Mt-Blanc, France by performing renditions of Sting's FIELDS OF GOLD, Whitney Houston's I WANNA DANCE WITH SOMEBODY and SIMON + GARFUNKLE's BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATER.

17th December 2006

Quote: "I want a fat, ugly singer to perform on my special day so I look fabulous." Welsh singer Charlotte Church refuses to be outshone by a glamorous entertainer on her wedding day.

9th November 2006

Fact: Welsh pop star Charlotte Church's voice has been branded one of the top 10 most irritating in the UK in a survey by Disney. Actress Joanna Lumley and Latino movie hunk Antonio Banderas top the poll of voices Brits most like to listen to.

4th October 2006

Quote: "I'd been having attention from girls, but with Charlotte, this wasn't allowed. She'd have a tantrum, so I said, 'OK, I won't speak to any girls ever again.'" Welsh rugby ace Gavin Henson admits his pop star girlfriend Charlotte Church is the jealous type.

20th September 2006

Fact: Singer-turned-TV presenter Charlotte Church has been voted the celebrity most British people would like to spend a night out with.

8th September 2006

Fact: Pop singer Charlotte Church has reportedly barred her mother MARIA from attending any more screenings of her UK program THE CHARLOTTE CHURCH SHOW after the matriarch bellowed, "Tuck your belly in!" at her from the audience.

28th August 2006

Quote: "They spend half their time saying, 'it's great we have all these curvy (role) models like Charlotte Church', and the other half saying I'm so fat." Welsh singer CHARLOTTE CHURCH hits out at critics of her weight.

22nd August 2006

Quote: "Even if I'm skint (broke) I'd rather be a dustman." Charlotte Church vows to stay clear of reality shows.

14th June 2006

Quote: "But really, I'm dead boring. I got to M+S (Marks and Spencer), I don't go out. I even wear lots of beige. I think I'm prematurely middle-aged!" Welsh singer Charlotte Church on her real life.

12th June 2006

Quote: "That girl should p**s off and go get a hobby. I mean it takes more than that to get to me. I used to love Girls Aloud, but not any more after that one." Charlotte Church barks back at Girls Aloud star Cheryl Tweedy who made fat jibes about the Welsh singer.

25th May 2006

Fact: After months of tuition, Charlotte Church has passed her driving test.

15th December 2005

Quote: <p>"At least he's singing properly, it's not that whiney 'I've-just-come-off-heroin' sound, like Chris Martin. I hate that." Welsh pop singer Charlotte Church praises Franz Ferdinand frontman Alex Kapranos. </p>

15th November 2005

Quote: <p>"I sometimes wonder how I'd think if I turned out ugly, and how difficult it is for ugly people." Pop star Charlotte Church proves she cares about those less fortunate than herself. </p>

10th November 2005

Fact: <p>Teen soprano Charlotte Church is covering Kate Bush's classic hit THE MAN WITH A CHILD IN HIS EYES and plans to release it as the B side for her next single. </p>

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