Charlize Theron got somebody to return the bottom-kissing honour she recently paid to Shirley Maclaine, when comedian Dane Cook placed his willing lips on her buttocks last night (04OCT05).

Theron paid homage to MacLaine at last month's (SEP05) Premiere Icon party, and stunned guests when she stepped down from the stage to plant her lips on the actress' posterior.

A red-faced Theron later blamed her show-stopping tribute on the painkillers she was taking to combat an aching neck.

And during an appearance on Jay Leno's chat show last night,Theron got some of her own butt-kissing treatment, when fellow guest Cook stepped out and gushed, "I just want to let you know that I'm massive fan of yours. I mean, you're beautiful and you're talented... I know I'm kissing your a*s here, but..."

Theron immediately stood up and encouraged the funnyman to plant his lips on her derriere, prompting Leno to quip, "Why didn't I think of that?"