Charlize Theron is a ''really adventurous'' dresser.

Although the 'Prometheus' actress' newly-cropped hair has provided her stylist Leslie Fremar with a ''challenge'', she is happy to experiment with Charlize's look on the red carpet.

Leslie said: ''[Dressing to suit her new hair] is a challenge. We wanted to make sure it stayed with a more modern feel.

''Charlize is really adventurous - she really gets into the whole overall process.''

Leslie also works with Reese Witherspoon, and says the actress favours a ''simple'' style of dressing.

She explained to Grazia magazine: ''She's a little more playful. In her casual clothes, she always looks really cute and , with a dress, a little more Californian.

''She likes her clothes simple, nothing too overwhelming. For her it's about fit and colour.''