Troubled star Charlie Sheen has boasted about his wild nights and days of partying in a new TV interview, insisting he could out-party the greats, like Frank Sinatra and Keith Richards.
Appearing angry and defiant in the Good Morning America interview, which aired in part on Monday (28Feb11), Sheen addressed his drug use and his love of partying, refusing to accept he has a problem - even though he recently signed up for an at-home rehab course.
The actor agreed to seek help after he was hospitalised with a reported hernia following a wild night of partying at his Hollywood home in January (11).
Recalling the bash, which ended with emergency services coming to his home and wheeling him away on a stretcher, Sheen confesses, "I probably took more (drugs) than anybody could survive... I was banging seven-gram rocks (cocaine) and finishing them because that's how I roll; I have one speed, one gear - go!"
But Sheen insists he's careful with what drugs he takes, adding, "There's certain blends I will not entertain because that's how people go down. I'm too smart to do that."
And, asked about his love of partying, he adds, "What's not to love, especially when you see how I party - it was epic. The run I was on made (Frank) Sinatra, (Errol) Flynn, (Mick) Jagger, (Keith) Richards, all of them, look like, y'know, droopy-eyed, armless children."