Actor Charlie Sheen is determined to find time to learn to play the piano because he's sick of pretending to be a jingle writer on his hit US TV sitcom TWO + A HALF MEN.

The PLATOON star plays womanising pianist CHARLIE HARPER on the hit show but confesses he can't actually play the instrument - at all.

Sheen reveals, "I've had two kids and other things so no I haven't learned how to play the piano. I actually didn't know the show was going to keep going on and on, and that's been my excuse for not committing to the piano.

"I'm told it's a hard thing to learn later on in life and that frightens me, but it's starting to feel like I should probably commit to learning to play.

"I have learned, positionally, where my fingers should be on the keyboard at certain times. That's a start."

28/07/2005 03:32