Charlie Sheen is rich and famous enough that he can afford to set his own rules, which is exactly what he’s doing with Anger Management and his co-star Selma Blair. According to TMZ, Sheen has set an ultimatum for the creators of the series – ether she walks, or I do. Looks like he’s being serious as well. The reason behind this sudden rift between Sheen and Blair is that Charlie believes his co-star has been talking about him behind his back.

To prove how serious he is with this, Sheen has given Anger Management producers a somewhat realistic demands. He knows that a character can’t just be kicked off in a matter of days, so he is just asking that the show’s team starts drawing up an exit strategy for Blair asap. If not, Sheen is prepared to sacrifice his massive paycheck (between $75 and $200 million for 100 episodes, depending on syndication) just to get his way.

With that kind of ultimatum, the show’s producers are most likely trapped between a rock and a hard place, but if it really does come down to Blaire or Sheen, the actor’s female co-star isn’t likely to fair too well in that bargain. Meanwhile, she didn’t appear on set, yesterday, but this could be due to her not being scheduled to be on set. When asked by paparazzi about the whole mess, Blair replied with a vague: "I don't know anything." Neither does anyone else, really.

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There's no love lost between these two.