Charlie Sheen 's new sitcom Anger Management debuts on FX later this month (June 28, 2012) and advance preview tapes have begun to circulate amongst US media. A report from New York Daily News suggests that curious fans and detractors alike will get exactly what they are hoping for from a post-crazy-spell Sheen. The comedy series, though, is at its best when it focuses on being a show in its own right, rather than an exercise in self-reference for Charlie.

The review of the sneak preview from NY Post concludes "We do get some generic Charlie Sheen jokes about an insatiable sexual appetite. But the first couple of episodes, at least, are less obsessive about the character's libido than many "Two and a Half Men" episodes. Instead, it's a story about a quirky guy who still gets along with his ex-wife and loves their daughter. He has a booty-call buddy. He has quirky friends and an even quirkier therapy group.. Anger Management does attempt to reinvent Charlie Sheen. But up front, at least, it hardly forgets what it's reinventing him from."

Elsewhere, Sheen continues to court controversy and drama. In an interview with The Sun, the 46 year-old actor revealed that he lost his virginity to a prostitute at the age of 15. "I remember having the greatest night of my life. Two weeks later my father wanted to know about this bill on his statement." 'Anger Management' is scheduled to run for 10 episodes, with an option for another 90 over two years. No mean feat, but both Sheen and FX insists that it's an achievable task.